Owner: ЧũΚî (yukidori)
Voice: Deaktiviert
Umwelteinstellung und Sounds: Bitte aktivieren und zulassen
Thema: BDSM und extreme Sachen, also nichts für Schwache nerven, Free Sex Gelände
Ambiente: Unheimlich passend
Einrichtung: Sehr gute Spielgeräte und Möbel samt Deko
Wer auf etwas anders steht als weich gespültes BDSM, kann sich hier mehr als austoben. Nichts mit romantischen Shades of Gray Ambieten oder klinisch sauberen Hochglanzmagazin Kram sondern hier ist es dreckig, blutig und brutal...
Wenn man am Landeplatz ankommt und sich nach links wendet um gleich wieder rechts der Straße wenige Meter zu folgen, kommt man an eine Häuserwand mit den Logo des Landes, Teleport Möglichkeiten (Selber bevorzuge ich es lieber, einen Ort als erster zu Fuß zu erkunden, so findet man vieles was man ansonsten nicht entdeckt) und man kann sich dort gratis einen HUD holen.
Auf dem schwarzen Schild steht Dimly RLV Game. Der Ordner den man dann bekommt nennt sich Dimly House. Damit kann man sich fangen lassen oder eben nicht, so weit ich das verstanden habe.
Vor den ganzen Gerätschaften sieht man ein rundes rot leuchtendes rotes Item, klickt man da rauf, bekommt man einen HUD direkt in den Objekt Ordner. Nennt sich Satomi's Multi-Relay HUD – 1.00. Er erscheint unten links am Bildschirm in Form von drei ineinander gesteckten Vorhängeschlösser. Klickt man dann da drauf erscheint ein Menü oben rechts, aber bitte aufpassen beim alleine ausprobieren, das kann ins Auge gehen, wenn man das RLV aktiviert hat *Hust*.
Menü Buttons:
Access Lists
Mode (Ask)
SW (evil)
Playf (off)
Die Beschreibung des HUD´s und seinen Funktionen findet ihr hier ganz unten nach den Bildern. Aber in englisch. Die NC mit dem Text bekommt ihr auch direkt über das Menü.
Ich lass die Bilder sprechen und wünsche euch bei euren Besuch entweder viel Erfolg bei der Jagd oder viel Spaß beim fangen lassen....aber denkt daran.... es kann sehr weh tun...
Informationen zum Satomi's Multi-Relay HUD – 1.00 (Für Technik Fans)

DISCLAIMER: This relay is the one OpenCollar's has been based on since version 3.2. So don't be surprised to find many similarities. However both relays followed their own ways and now have some noticeable differences: for instance OpenCollar's is well integrated to the collar's auth subsystem whereas this HUD relay focuses more on experimental features, and as it is a HUD also provides visual indicators the collar relay cannot have.
This relay is a multi-object relay, with some extra features.
It conforms to the Open Relay Group (ORG) specifications version 0001 (which include RLVR 1.100 compatiblity).
It is "Multi" in the sense that in opposition to most relay that were made before year 2009, it won't reject commands from new devices when you are already controlled by one.
Main features
- several concurrently restraining devices supported
- classic ask/auto/off modes
- extra mode: restricted
- extra submodes playful, restraining
- (togglable) safeword
- NEW: evil safeword - when someone is around you, they will be asked to help you. When you are alone you just get freed. (thanks Vala Vella for adding this!)
- autolocking when restrained, and impossibility to turn the relay off or cut the already restraining sources off
- black and white lists for objects and avatars
- informative HUD
- !who (now ORG !x-who) and ORG !x-handover new metacommands†
- @thirdview unofficial pseudocommand‡
- not vulnerable to the "arbitrary text on arbitray channel", and "shout garbage on public chat" loopholes
- not vulnerable to the stack-heap collision issue when requests accumulate (rejects them when there are too many)
- ORG !x-channel metacommand (ORG). Lessens the lag by switching relay chat to another channel.
- ORG !x-email metacommand (ORG). Enables gridwide (cross-sim) access. (you will need a compatible device for controlling your relay gridwide, such as the Witchy Remote, which I blatantly advertise! You may find it there: 􀀀
- auto-updates via HippoUpdate
Note: the auto-update script is the only script that isn't mine and that I don't license and distribute full perm. It is no mod only for hiding the password of my update server (but as this update server is only for free items, I will consider making the script full perm too if I can be sure that divulging this "password" is no security issue). Delete the script if it bugs you that the contents of one of the scripts are not visible, it will only stop auto-updating but won't prevent the relay from working correctly.
Potentially coming in the future:
- ORG !x-vision
- ORG !x-animate
- <insert your idea here>
Menus buttons:
(Note that irrelevant buttons are automatically hidden in the dialogs. Don't be surprised if you don't always have all those buttons!)
In the main dialog:
* Mode (xxxx): the relay is in mode xxxx. Click this to go the next mode.
Current modes are:
* Off: the relay is disabled
* Restricted: the relay rejects every future request (except from whitelisted devices and devices already controlling you)
* Ask: the relay asks before accepting future requests (except from white or blacklisted devices)
* Auto: the relay accepts every future request (except from blacklisted devices)
* Playf (off/on): en/disable automatic acceptation of non-restraining commands (combines with the previous modes)
* SW (off/on/evil): en/disables the possibility to safeword when restricted or enables the evil Safeword
* Grabbed by: shows the list of devices currently controlling your avatar, and the list of restrictions they enforce.
* Refresh: checks that every device restricting you is reachable. Restrictions from unreachable devices will be cleared.
* Pending: shows the request dialog, in case there are pending requests
* Help: gives this notecard
* SAFEWORD: clears all restrictions and lists
* Access lists: opens the access list management dialog, for removing trusted or banned sources
In the request dialog:
* Yes: accept this command (and other commands from the same device until unrestricted)
* No: rejects this command (and other commands from the same device in the few following seconds)
* Trust Object: same as Yes, but adds the object to the whitelist
* Ban Object: same as No, but adds the object to the blacklist
* Trust Owner: same as Yes, but adds the owner of the object to the whitelist
* Ban Owner: same as No, but adds the owner of the object to the blacklist
* Trust User: same as Yes, but adds the avatar using the object to the whitelist
* Ban User: same as No, but adds the avatar using the object to the blacklist
HUD code:
* slightly transparent: relay is on but not locked
* blinking: there are pending authorization requests
* opaque: relay is locked, the hovering number tells how many sources grab you
* greenish: auto mode
* natural colors (brass yellowish): ask mode
* redish: restricted mode
* strongly transparent and dark: relay is off
†: the meta-commands !who and !handover are now part of the protocol version 1.040... and now removed in 1.100, but salvaged by the ORG as !x-who and !x-handover
‡: @thirdview looks like a RLV command but it is not. This command tells the relay to "enforce" mouselook by whatever possible mean and is used by some furniture makers... maybe making the bet that this would eventually be implemented in a viewer.
I support it as it poses no particular issue, but it is clearly borderline with respect to both RLVR and ORG specifications to do so.
* added the evil Safeword functions. Adapted by Vala Vella from Marissa Mistwallow's relay, via Toy Wylie's smart relay ;-). See SafeKeeper Script for details.
* revamped the main dialog. Now buttons do reflect the current setting instead of the next one.
* distance control for relay answers (no need to spam all the already laggy sim with relay replys)
* access lists are reset on owner change
* added a manual locking menu option to provide a means against accidental detaching of the relay (by Toy Wylie)
* fixed error message when trying to edit an access list that has more than 11 entries
* added owner names in the "Grabbed by" output
* added "Refresh" for clearing restrictions from unreachable devices
* added reinforcement of rescrictions if the relay has been displaced although it was locked
* removed the non restraining mode, as it makes the relay "lie" and not being compliant with the RLVR specification (the code is still in there in gatekeeper script if you want to uncomment it)
* !x-tensions became !x-orgversions
* the relay is now supposed to be reachable directly by email (if the controlling devices knows its email adress)
<0.96: I don't remember. I try to file the changelog from now on!
0.95: gridwide really usable
0.90: preliminary gridwide access features
Legal considerations:
* My scripts are full perm, and I want it to be redistributed as such. Consider they are GPL with the same clauses as OpenCollar. So if you want to take it into the relay of your own shop, there is no problem with me, provided all scripts remain full perm (not counting OpenCollar, at least 2 other famous shops I know of are already doing so with my benediction).
* Only the script "zht_OnRezUpdateCheck" is no mod and not licensed by me. Anyway there is no real interest for you to keep it in works derivated from my relay as it is only needed for auto-updates.
* The padlocks of the HUD are a derivative work I made from an original clipart by AJ Ashton, under the Creative Commons Attribution license. The original padlock can be found on Wikicommons.
Marissa Mistwallow for her active search of loopholes in the relay implementations.
Maike Short for her relay test suite that helped me fixing some typical relay bugs.
Chloe1982 Constantine and Ilana Debevec for fruitful discussions about the new metacommands.
Vala Vella for adding the evil safeword.
Toy Wylie for adding the manual locking feature and paging system for access lists.
All the guinea pigs who tried the early versions of my relay!


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