Fapple: Halloween Set for M/f and F/m


Doors and Sheet
Prims: 3
Price: 250 L$ with group 238 L$

Witch Coat Hook
Prims: 11
Price: 250 L$ with group 238 L$

Mantelpiece with decorations
Prims: 14
Price: 450 L$ with group 428 L$

Drawers Unit with Decoration
Pirms: 11
Price: 590 L$ with group 561 L$

HS BDSM Pillory (maldeom and femdom)
Pirms: 3
Price: 690 L$ with group 656 L$

HS BDSM Chair (maldeom and femdom)
Prims: 6
Price: 950 L$ with group 903 L$

Halloween Set (all inclusive, without Pumpkin King and Queen)
Prims: 49
Price: 2990 L$ with group: 2841 L$

Group Gift:

Fapple- Pumpkin King
Prims: 16

Fapple- Pumpkin Queen
Prims: 20

Group (100 L$) secondlife:///app/group/4d9a4248-a0bf-4dfc-2fa7-8fb6d2eba705/about

Aailable at the Mainstore.


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