New Group Gift from M&P Kreation and DaeSigns: Robo Host

The future ...
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Robo Host black
Robo Host red
Robo Host pink
Notecard in English and German with technical information!

The Robo Host is a joint project by Pit Banx (Mesh) & Daemonika Nightfire (Scripting). This little helper is intended to greet visitors and provide them with information if requested.

Pit Banx builds its group gifts just as fantastically as the items for sale. The details and textures are great. Daemonika is one of the best scripters in Second Life and the owner of DaeSigns.

Group (50 L$): secondlife:///app/group/11902419-2b83-7e3f-3d16-e80d4ee7f1ea/about
The photo was taken on Dystopian Night.


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